Why I'm Running

Our nation is in desperate need of strong, principled leadership! 

We need a new Congress and we need a new Congresswoman from the 3rd District!

I am not running for Congress to preserve the status quo. I am running to change the way Congress does business. We must reform the way Congress works.  We need term limits for Members of Congress and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Family, faith, and freedom - these are the virtues that built America - that built the 3rd Congressional District, and these are the virtues that will sustain America.  But today, these are under attack. They are under attack from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and others in Congress.

Representative Davids' voting record does not reflect the interest or values of the people of this district. She has consistently voted with "The Squad", including voting for impeachment. Davids has been conveniently AWOL, at taxpayer's expense, and is only now visible for her reelection campaign. When I'm elected, I won't hide from the people of the Third District. I will be proud to work with you and for you.

It’s time for Ms. Davids to find a new line of work. And I intend to send her back to Minnesota!