Washington Post Outrageous Headline on ISIS Killer

I can hardly believe what I’m about to share with you.  

Just hours after our special forces, at President Trump’s command, located and killed the world’s most notorious terrorist…

…the Washington Post & liberal elites like them refused to identify the terrorist with his murderous record.  


They elevated him as a religious leader & affirmed his “adherence” to Islam – they even went so far as to change the headline in his obituary several times. 


Please do not be misled by these liberal elites. This man was a world known monster…

  • He put people in cages and set them on fire
  • He decapitated people and featured it on the internet
  • He was a serial rapist
  • He was a genocidal murderer

Does this sound like a religious scholar to you?

If you are outraged, as I am, by the biased news coverage being posted by these liberal outlets, will you join me by signing and sharing our petition?

President Trump made the world a safer place by eliminating Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi’s reign of terror this weekend. That’s the truth. Listening to the liberal elites trying to diminish that achievement by ignoring the murderous record of this terrorist is appalling and quite frankly, un-American.

Please reject their actions and add your name to those who are outraged, right now. Keeping silent while the truth is obscured is not an option.

Thank you for fighting with me as we stand up against the liberal news outlets.


Adrienne Vallejo Foster