Adam Schiff tries to silence Rep. Stefanik

We must come to her aid!

We must stand with Representative Stefanik! 

Schiff is the ringleader of the radical Left impeachment circus! Rep. Stefanik had the courage to stand up to the Leftists with the facts and now they want to silence her! We. Must. Help. 


We need courageous conservative women to stand up to the assault on common sense! The Hollywood Left are pulling together to fund her far Left opponent. Congresswoman Stefanik's opponent has raised over 1 million dollars in 24 hours. We MUST counter that. She needs us! 

Every donation you make here will go towards both our campaigns. Let's show the Left they can't silence strong, conservative women who fight for answers. Let's show her that Kansans have her back! 

They will continue to spend your dollars unless the bolder leaders in Congress stand for truth. 

Stand with Elise! 


Adrienne Vallejo Foster