Outraged: We need to act wisely.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, one of the titular leaders of the Democrat Party, is an anarchist.  The bail out reform bill he signed into law in January means that no bail is required to release felons back on to the street within 24 hours after arrest.  That means if the NYPD arrested all the perpetrators of violence of any kind, except for 1st degree murder, all of them would be back on the streets within 24 hours. Think of that.  Governor Cuomo has established a revolving door legal system. In other words, there is no law.  

Governor Cuomo’s signing of that bail out reform bill is a call to a return to the life of the jungle. His is a call to repudiate all that we Americans hold sacred.  His bail out reform bill upholds the right for the new barbarians to sack our cities, and ultimately to sack our homes. The rioting and looting all occurring in Democrat controlled cities, over the last few weeks, bear out this spirit of anarchy embodied in Governor Cuomo’s bail out reform bill.

This celebration of destruction is the song of madness in the Democrat Party today.

Where does that leave us in this primary?  This primary allows you, my neighbors to vote for that Republican candidate, who is most alert to thIs peril rising up before us, and who has the right stuff to overcome it.  I ask you, is this the time for a business as usual Republican candidate, mouthing conservative platitudes, yet funded by big corporate interests, to be wined and dined by powerful lobbyists?

Absolutely, resolutely not. This is the time for a  candidate who has fire in their belly.

What will your choice in the primary be, a ‘business as usual’ Republican candidate,  or one who has the muscularity of faith, mind and body to resist and overcome Governor Cuomo’s call of the jungle?  

I, Adrienne Foster, hunger for that battle. This election will determine whether we, you and I, can keep our American way of life, and its guarantee of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Stand with me now. Together, we will fight the good fight...and win.


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