July 27 Week In Review

It was a busy week with one huge week ahead.


The campaign launched a new ad on Friday. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below. Please share it with your family and friends and encourage them to vote either early or at the polls on August 4.



Last week kicked off with the 4Star Politics debate on Fox 4. I want to thank John Holt for arranging the event and having me on. You can watch the full hour below.

4Star Politics Debate


Then on Thursday there was a second debate scheduled on KCUR Radio. At the last hour both Amanda Adkins and Mike Beehler backed out. If these two candidates can’t live up to the commitments they make during the campaign, how could we ever trust them to fight for us in Congress?

On Tuesday, I caught up with Pete Mundo to talk about my campaign. Listen to the audio below.

Pete Mundo Show


On Friday, I joined Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo or his Battleground podcast. Click below and take a listen at the 1:10 mark.

Battleground Podcast


Yesterday, I was out with my team of volunteers walking in Olathe. The response from voters has been overwhelming.


While some groups play the swamp game with their endorsement, I want to thank Patricia and Bob Stoneking for their endorsement of my campaign. Patricia is the former President of the Kansas Rifle Association. Under her leadership, Kansas passed constitutional carry – making Kansas one of the most pro-2A states in the nation.


The campaign dropped another mail piece to let voters know what is at stake on August 4. I have said it many times, Republicans best hope to beat Sharice Davids is to nominate a candidate who can take away Democratic votes. For every vote I take it is two more for us towards winning.

This race comes down to one thing over the next nine days. Getting our voters to vote either early or at their local polling place.

Go vote,

Adrienne Vallejo Foster



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