Why I’m Running

Our nation is in desperate need of strong, principled leadership! 

We need a new Congress and we need a new Congresswoman from the 3rd District!

I am not running for Congress to preserve the status quo. I am running to change the way Congress does business. We must reform the way Congress works.  We need term limits for Members of Congress and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Family, faith, and freedom - these are the virtues that built America - that built the 3rd Congressional District, and these are the virtues that will sustain America.  But today, these are under attack. They are under attack from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and others in Congress.

Representative Davids' voting record does not reflect the interest or values of the people of this district. She has consistently voted with "The Squad", including voting for impeachment. Davids has been conveniently AWOL, at tax payer's expense, and is only now visible for her reelection campaign. When I'm elected, I won't hide from the people of the Third District. I will be proud to work with you and for you.

It’s time for Ms. Davids to find a new line of work. And I intend to send her back to Minnesota!

Health care

Americanwant peace of mind, lower costs and real choices for their health care. To do this, we need to protect what’s working and fix what’s broken.

First, I believe patients and doctors, not government bureaucrats or middlemen, should be in charge of health care. We need to end the failed federal experiment that caused thousands of Kansans to lose their policy and forced them to buy a high-priced plan. You should have more options so that you only pay for features and benefits that you need. The average American changes jobs every four years. Health care policies should be portable so that you don’t lose your plan because of a job change. Employers and employees should be able to fund individual personal medical accounts that enable the employee to buy customizable plans that fit their needs.

Second, I support President Trump’s efforts to expand choice and competition in our health care system. I also strongly support the administration’s efforts to promote price transparency. Letting people see what things cost before they buy works in every other area of our economy. We should let price transparency work in health care.

Third, I strongly oppose the Democrats' efforts to created socialized medicine. Their radical plan would eliminate private health insurance for more than 150 million Americans, end Medicare as we know it, impose massive tax hikes on hardworking families, and saddle future generations with $32 trillion more in debt. And, socialized medicine will lead to longer wait times and less choice, as we have seen in nations that have embraced socialized medicine.


America has a very generous immigration policy. We lawfully admit more than one million immigrants each year, a number which far exceeds other countries. As a second generation Hispanic American whose grandparents came here from Mexico, my family has personally benefited from America’s generous immigration policy.

Yet, today, our immigration system is in crisis. The current system is broken and outdated. Congress has been negligent. We need a secure border and the rule of law.

Congress must reform our immigration laws and improve our legal immigration system. Today, we are experiencing the negative impacts of disastrous policies that incentivize unlawful migration and encourages further illegal behavior. We have incentivized unlawful migration that welcomes bad actorsThis broken system is unfair to immigrants who followed the rules and entered America legally. 

 In Congress, I will fight to protect the border and uphold our public safety and national security.And I will work to reform our immigration system in a way that is humane, fair and good for our economy.


I oppose tax increases. Government takes enough of our hard-earned income. Just as each of our families must do, government must live within its means.


I am pro-life. I support the inalienable, God given right to life of every pre-born child. The number one responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens, including those who are not yet born.


How do we expect future generations to have a better life when we’re saddling them with $22 trillion in national debt, and we are adding $1 trillion to this debt this year. That equates to $66,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. This is unsustainable. It is immoral. 

Congress must deal with this debt or this debt will deal with us!

Reforming Congress

I am running to change the way Congress does business. We need term limits for Members of Congress and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. 

2nd Amendment

One of the first things the socialist that took over Venezuela did was take away people’s guns. We need leaders who have the courage to stand up and protect our constitutional rights. This includes the 2ndAmendment and the right to bear arms. I will oppose any efforts to take away our rights including opposing red flag laws. 

National Security

The world is a dangerous place, and defending our national security is not optional. I support a strong national defense. 


Our veterans are heroes, and they deserve the thanks of a grateful nation, which means we must keep the promises we have made to them. Our veterans should have access to the finest health care services available.