America has a very generous immigration policy. We lawfully admit more than one million immigrants each year, a number which far exceeds other countries. As a second generation Hispanic American whose grandparents came here from Mexico, my family has personally benefited from America’s generous immigration policy.

Yet, today, our immigration system is in crisis. The current system is broken and outdated. Congress has been negligent. We need a secure border and the rule of law.

Congress must reform our immigration laws and improve our legal immigration system. Today, we are experiencing the negative impacts of disastrous policies that incentivize unlawful migration and encourages further illegal behavior. We have incentivized unlawful migration that welcomes bad actors. This broken system is unfair to immigrants who followed the rules and entered America legally. 

 In Congress, I will fight to protect the border and uphold our public safety and national security. And I will work to reform our immigration system in a way that is humane, fair and good for our economy.