The U.S. House Needs to Get Back to Work!


ROELAND PARK, KS – Republican congressional candidate Adrienne Vallejo Foster calls on the U.S. House to come back into session on Monday. The House was scheduled to return to Washington DC on Monday. The Democrats abruptly canceled it.

Foster released the following statement: 

“We have been asked to shelter in place to slow the spread. We have, and the results are paying off. It is time for Kansas’ and our nation’s economies to begin to start back up safely.

“The best example our elected representatives can show right now is to return to session to resume the people’s business. It is insulting that Democrats think Congress can’t figure out how to conduct its business while safely social distancing.

“Leaders lead. I was Mayor during the Great Recession. I know it is unsettling to have to begin public life again. But our elected officials need to lead through their actions. That starts with reopening the peoples’ House to show we can begin to reopen our economy. If I was in Congress right now, I’d be going to DC Monday morning and demanding the doors open. I call on my opponent Sharice Davids to do the same. The people of the third congressional district deserve no less.”