Health Care

Americanwant peace of mind, lower costs and real choices for their health care. To do this, we need to protect what’s working and fix what’s broken.

First, I believe patients and doctors, not government bureaucrats or middlemen, should be in charge of health care. We need to end the failed federal experiment that caused thousands of Kansans to lose their policy and forced them to buy a high-priced plan. You should have more options so that you only pay for features and benefits that you need. The average American changes jobs every four years. Health care policies should be portable so that you don’t lose your plan because of a job change. Employers and employees should be able to fund individual personal medical accounts that enable the employee to buy customizable plans that fit their needs.

Second, I support President Trump’s efforts to expand choice and competition in our health care system. I also strongly support the administration’s efforts to promote price transparency. Letting people see what things cost before they buy works in every other area of our economy. We should let price transparency work in health care.

Third, I strongly oppose the Democrats' efforts to created socialized medicine. Their radical plan would eliminate private health insurance for more than 150 million Americans, end Medicare as we know it, impose massive tax hikes on hardworking families, and saddle future generations with $32 trillion more in debt. And, socialized medicine will lead to longer wait times and less choice, as we have seen in nations that have embraced socialized medicine.