Great Report

The experts tried to tell us that May would be another bad month for our economy and the job market. They told us we would lose more jobs and our unemployment rate would be at the highest point since the Great Depression.

Never underestimate the power and ingenuity of the American people. Today’s stunning jobs report shows we actually gained 2.5 million jobs and our unemployment rate actually dropped to 13%. 

It is clear the foundation of our nation’s economy is strong. It is also evident Americans are ready to reopen and get back to work. This surprising report is without a stimulus package or more spending by the federal government.

Our free market capital system cannot be held back even in the midst of the worst public health crisis in over a century. This is more proof that the fundamental choice voters will need to make in this election is do we want to continue on a path of economic prosperity and freedom or do we embark on the dark road towards socialism. 

The May jobs report shines a light toward continued economic prosperity and freedom. Let’s continue to fight for it and not allow the socialist to win. 

Adrienne Vallejo Foster

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