Adrienne Vallejo Foster Announces Her Candidacy for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District

Former Mayor and SBA official promises to restore the district’s voice in Congress

(ROELAND PARK, KS) – Adrienne Vallejo Foster, a former Mayor of Roeland Park and a Small Business Administration official, today announced her candidacy for Kansas’ Third Congressional District.

“The 3rd district has a rich history and a rich future. But that future, and the American Dream itself, is at risk. I’m running for Congress to preserve that dream and give future generations the same opportunities I’ve enjoyed. 

“So many of the basic values that we hold dear are under attack. Today’s Democratic Party has lost its way. It is the party of AOC rather than JFK. Rage and resistance has replaced reflection. Anger is being offered as an agenda. In Congress, the voice of the 3rd district has been replaced by the vision of Nancy Pelosi and radical left-wing ideologues. Kansans need a representative who will challenge, not conform to, socialists in Congress. When I’m elected, I’ll fight, not accommodate, this growing extremism in Congress. 

“I will be a voice for you. I’m pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. I believe in economic opportunity, personal responsibility, limited government, the free enterprise system and a strong national defense. 

“As the granddaughter of legal immigrants, I oppose porous borders and am committed to fixing our broken immigration system. In Congress, I’ll fight for health care security, patient choice and affordability. I’ll work to empower our entrepreneurs and let our small businesses dream big dreams. And I will fight to restore true fiscal conservatism in Congress and will do everything in my power to force the federal government to live within its means,” Foster said. 

Adrienne Vallejo Foster, a second-generation Hispanic from the 3rd district, recently served as the Region 7 Advocate for the Office of Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration. In this role, she worked with small business owners in the 3rd district and the broader Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska region. She worked alongside state and local government agencies, state legislators, and trade associations, to be the voice of small business and to help small businesses overcome burdensome regulations and other roadblocks. 

Foster previously served as the Mayor of Roeland Park, KS. She was also the Executive Director of Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission with the Office of the Governor. Foster earned her undergraduate degree from Washburn University, where she studied Public Administration and earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Foster and her husband Stephen have five children.