ROELAND PARK, KS – Republican Congressional Candidate Adrienne Vallejo Foster took Congresswoman Sharice Davids to task for her silent and tacit support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the wake of Pelosi’s outrageous comments. 

Foster said: “I come from a family of police officers. I can tell you the service of the overwhelming majority of police officers in this country needs to be honored. But the recent death of George Floyd, and others, shows the need for Congress to act to end procedures like choke holds.  We need to ensure that our law enforcement receives the training they need to properly defend us and deal with the racial issues facing American.”

“I am outraged that Congresswoman Sharice Davids sits idly by as bystander to Speaker Pelosi’s partisan hate. As Senate Democrats stood united to block the Senate Majority from passing the Justice Act that would have taken a major step forward to address issues concerning policing, Speaker Pelosi made it clear she would not compromise to pass a bill. Instead, today, without any amendments or real debate, she will bring to the floor of the House a bill that will never become law. To add insult to the injury, Pelosi tried to blame Senate Republicans when she incredulously said Senate Republicans are ‘trying to get away with murder, actually – the murder of George Floyd.’” 

“In order to heal the racial divide that is tearing our country apart, leaders of all parties need to speak up and set aside partisan gamesmanship. It is offensive to the people of Kansas’ Third District that Sharice Davids sits in silent defense of Speaker Pelosi’s horrific comments that only further divide our country and sow seeds of distrust and hate. I call on Sharice Davids, for once, to speak up and do the right thing to help heal our country and not just vote for Speaker Pelosi’s partisan bill that will solve nothing.”

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  • Robert Armitage
    The Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint(LVNR) used by police is a valuable tool for subduing violent arrestees. If the LVNR is banned officers will be forced to use hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, and pain compliance techniques. These techniques are far more harmful to the arrestee and have a greater chance of injury to the officer. Choke-holds that obstruct the airway are not part of the police curriculum in Kansas.